Rejected but Not Down!

June 22, 2016



     Several days ago I submitted my book to a site called Bookbub in the hopes of being part of their library.  Bookbub is a significant milestone for any new author, as they 'market' your book to millions of potential readers.  Books listed in the Bookbub library, usually jumps in popularity and often gets thousands of readers in a matter of weeks, if not days.  There are two catches however; the first is that there is a $300-$600 fee to the author if they accepted it. The second catch is that Bookbub rejects 80% of submissions.   How come I feel like there are plenty of engines making a profit off of aspiring authors.  But even with this in mind, I knew the return on investment was worth the expense - so naturally I submitted my book, and waited for my fated response.


A day later, I received my first response. "Your book was declined due to insufficient content." I was like "WHAT?" I emailed them back and asked what did they mean; and they replied stating that my Kindle edition was only 56 pages!? I quickly looked at the Amazon listed and sure enough the Kindle edition showed 56 pages!  After some quick research I soon found out that the Kindle edition was formatted incorrectly and thus was only representing 56 pages instead of the whole 136 pages. After a few days of painstaking formatting and editing, I finally managed to get the Kindle edition to come out to 136 pages.  Now, it was time to resubmit. With anticipation and high hopes, I submitted it once again to Bookbub and awaited patiently. 


Two days later, I got an email response, and I opened it with childish anticipation. I opened the email and read, "Thanks for your submission. Unfortunately, our editorial team has not selected this book for a BookBub Featured Deal at this time." My heart sank a little, and I wanted to give up. A thousand questions ran through my mind on the reasons why they would not include my book in their library.  But as quickly as I was disheartened, I was quickly reminded of my own words within my book: 'Once you determine your goals, you need to determine how much time you will spend working towards them. It is a long and hard road to success, but you must also determine if you are willing to spend time and energy and whether your goals are worth the pain or not. There is no such thing as instant or easy success. Anyone who ever set forth on a successful journey knows that every drop of sweat and every sleepless night, were necessary to achieve their dreams.'


My own words ringing truer than before. I want to inspire others, so that one day someone will tell me, "because of you, I did not give up!"  I know in my heart that we will not win every battle nor claim victory at every point in our lives.  Bookbub may have rejected me, but I will continue to submit it until, one day they accept it. I will not let others dictate my success or define my path. The way we handle adversity determines how we move forward! It is not the end of my journey, as it just begun.  In the end, even if one person tells me I have inspired them, then contentment has found my heart!


Elm Valle
Soul Ascension: A Journey of Insights


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