Timeless - Part Four

July 18, 2016



The dimly lit room felt ominous, as Tristan laid there. His vision was heavy and blurred, but he could see light emanating from the nearby doorway. The rhythmic beeping of the machine had woken him up.  Two figures loomed over Tristan. One was a woman dressed in white, while the other was an older gentleman, also draped in white.


    "Do you remember anything?" asked the a woman dressed in white. "Can you hear me? Do you know where you are?"


"Wha...who are you? What happened?" Tristan struggled to make coherent words.


    "You were in an accident; a hit and run. You have been unconscious for weeks. Tell me your name?"


Tristan struggled,"I...I..can't remember..."


     The older gentlemen motioned for the woman to leave the room, and he began to speak. "Sir, I am afraid the hit on your head was a little more serious than we thought. You are suffering from some amnesia. Do you have any family in the area that we can notify?"


"What? Amnesia? "


     "Can you remember your full name? We didn't find any identification on you. Looks like someone stole your wallet and from the looks of it you had an empty holster as well. But we did find this manuscript - it might jog your memory."


Tristan looked blankly at the manuscript as he struggled to remember any of it. "You said I have been out for weeks?"


    "I am afraid so. You will need to stay here for another week or so, as your ribs are still broken. Hopefully you can remember by then who you are.  Here. Take this manuscript. You might want to read it over to see if you can remember anything. It does has an address on it. Maybe where you work?"


Tristan grabbed the manuscript and started to read it.

"I just can't recreate it!!" cried Sophia. "I have been trying for weeks to put it all back together, but I can't seem to get it right. My entire work was in that manuscript, and I lost it! Richard! What am I supposed to do?!"


   "You need to get a hold of yourself. I have to leave soon for work. The Department is on alert ever since those shootings in Dallas." With that, he kissed Sophia on the cheek.  His name was Richard Knox, an 8 year Austin Police Officer. He was a tall man around 6 feet tall, but slightly overweight.  Officer Knox always seemed in control on the outside, and almost emotionless, but he was a good cop nonetheless. He was good at his job, and the job always came first. "I will see you later, OK? Don't stay up for me, its going to be a long night. Oh, before I forget, we got a lead on your truck. Supposedly it was also involved in a hit and run with a Harley motorcycle as witnessed described it. I'll have someone check it out later."


    Sophia sighed and started to scribble again in her notebook. She thought to herself 'Where is Tristan!?' Then it hit her. 'Harley? Hit and run? Could it be? No! If so, where would I look? The hospitals!' 


    She grabbed her purse and keys to the rental car and headed out.


(To Be Continued)








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