Timeless - Part Five

August 22, 2016



Sophia walked into St. David's Austin Medical Center and approached the nurse who was attending the visitor center.


"Hello, where can I find any John Doe's or recent accident victims?"


     "The John Doe's are kept on the 3rd floor on the recovery wing. You will need to check in there," the nurse explained.


"Thank you. I will find my way."  Sophia took the elevators up. The alabaster floors reflected the light from the ceiling as she maneuvered her way the halls.  She felt as if this was a maze to keep her away somehow, but she eventually made it to the recovery ward where she was greeted with another nurse at reception.


"Hi. Is there a way I could see someone here? He may be a John Doe listing."


    "Of course, but you have to give us your name and identification so we can ask the patience if they first remember you.  Could you describe him for us or tell us what you know?" the nurse interrogated Sophia.


"Um. Dark hair, brown eyes, medium build and height. Most likely was on a motorcycle...," Sophia explained.


    "Why yes, there is a gentleman of that description here but due to recovery protocols we will need to ask him if he is ready for visitors. What is your relation to him?"  


"My name is Sophia, and I am just a friend."


With that the nurse picked up the phone and called another line. Sophia could hear her ask the person on the other line a series of questions. The nurse only acknowledged by nodding her head so Sophia could not make out the conversation. 


    "I am sorry the patient is not accepting any visitors, he is still in a lot of pain and cannot remember anything. You will need to come back in a few days."


Sophia's face grew with malcontent, "Tell him Sophia is here and that I need to talk to him."


    "I cannot help you ma'am. The patient has a right not to be disturbed."


Sophia rolled her eyes and walked away. Her mind started to scheme - she had to see him - but she had no idea if indeed this John Doe was Tristan or some other person.  She was determined. Sophia looked around and saw a small locker room at the end of the hallway; and soon enough she made a bee line to that door. Quickly scanning around, she sneaked into the locker room, and closed the door behind her. Frantically, she began to try each locker to see if any was open, but no such luck, each was was locked. Sophia sat down on the bench and sighed with defeat, then suddenly she spotted a dirty old pair of scrubs in the corner. It looked like someone had left it there in a hurry. She picked them up and held them as to inspect them. It smelled of dried musty sweat but other than that they looked okay.  Disgusted, she forced herself to put them on. She stowed her own clothes in an empty locker. Now all she had to do was to get past the nurses station right in front of the recovery ward.  

     Tristan closed the manuscript and smiled. He thought to himself, 'Not bad, but missing a few things to make it really pop. Its a typical girly romance novel, but did I write this? If so, then I am not a good writer.'  With that thought, Tristan took the pen from the clipboard attached to the foot of his bed and began scribbling in the manuscript. Oddly enough, his thoughts flowed freely into the manuscript. He started to change character names, plot sequences, and even added complete new sections to the manuscript.


    Suddenly, a nurse walked in, "Looks like you are busy writing - that's good. There is someone here to see you. She claims to be a friend of yours and that her name is Sophia. Do you want to see her?"


    Tristan blinked with a blank stare, "I don't know any Sophia. Tell her I am busy right now. Maybe in a few days."


"Okay no worries. We will let her know." 


    Tristan continued to scribble into the manuscript like he was possessed or insane. He could not stop the reconstruction of the manuscript. Something inside compelled him like a moth to a flame. Then all the sudden, Tristan stopped. His mind flashed with vision of a blonde woman smiling at him, but the vision vanished just as quick as it appeared.  Tristan felt his heart beat faster as the apparition burned into his mind. Tristan shook his head, and continued to write.... 


(To Be Continued...)









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