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October 27, 2018


Oct 26, 2018. Forty-five years old today. 


That is but a mere nanosecond in the existence of the Universe – an insignificant moment in time. And despite how minuscule that moment echoes, it carries unrelenting weight through life.  For every life, and every moment, contains the boundless potential and immeasurable consequences that it can bear upon another.  


No task is ever too minor, nor any detail ever too slight. Greatness can be found in the simplest of  things; and the mundane in the most complex.  For nothing is what it seems.

We all spend our time on this world searching, seeking, and hoping that one day we find our complement of heart.  That one, in which our very existence, rises and sets with the sun.  To pursue, the feeling of both hopeless abandon, and limitless possibilities, all rolled into an endless symphony of euphoria.

There are seven billion people on earth. Some are in love, some out of love, and still yet, some avoid love.  As humans, whether we believe it or not, admit it or not, consciously or subconsciously; we all look and yearn for that connection of absolute surrender.  The kind of surrender that brings triumph instead of defeat, in which our hearts are enveloped with warmth and compassion - the kind that brings vibrance to our visions, melody to our thoughts, and kindness in our voice.


I once said, destiny is Shakespearean – in that fate will give you exactly what you want, but never at the right time.  As doors are closed in the halls of our lives, we can simply overlook others being slightly opened.  We are bound by our very pasts and fears; often times frozen from ever making that leap of faith.  I also once said, that God speaks in whispers, for he wants to see who is really listening. Speak loudly and people will cover their ears - speak softly and they will strain to hear you. That is God's will and way.

These past twelve months have tested my resolve and more importantly has tested my faith.  The ebbs and flows, has definitely taken me adrift to new waters.  And despite this, no bitterness, regret, or resent dwells within me.  And as I burn my boats to explore new shores, I revel that God has chosen me - not as a champion - but as a messenger.  


Another year and another chapter closed; only to begin writing a new one.  This time, I am the Captain of my own ship, and the absolute author of my own path. With God next to me, there are no failures, only lessons and growth - there are no fears, only temperance and fortitude - and there are no privation, only abundance and opulence.


With gratitude and blessings I close. Remember to always embrace your life, and more importantly those whom you love.  Our lives do pass quickly, but our actions last forever in the hearts and souls of others. Good Night!






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